Further to management’s commercial relationship for the last 25 years, Steamship successfully achieved a recognized reputation of reliable and efficient services, through a competent team of shipping professionals with a high level of knowledge of the industry and of the different trade lines.

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In order to help our customers materialize the most complex projects, Steamship offers integrated logistics project management and transportation services to ensure that the logistics operation is feasible and occurs according to plan and budget.


We focus on the need for a timely and cost effective customs clearance process for our customers.


For those of you looking to purchase containers, our company assist all our customers in providing shipping containers duly tested and to be used as Shipper Owned Container units or for other purposes like storage, offices, etc.


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Sea Freight

STEAMSHIP has an experienced and specialized department focused on sea freight, providing tailored and efficient service to our customers from and to any port in the world.

We aim to create the best-adapted solution and always bring an added value to the business of our customers.

Our Sea freight services include:

  • FCL service; 
  • LCL service; 
  • Ro/Ro service; 
  • Conventional cargo. 
  • Dangerous goods; 

Air Freight

Air cargo is a service we offer and that it requires to be handled with extreme care and with a very competitive transit time.

STEAMSHIP works with an integrated group of partners to support local, regional and national customers with a personalized airfreight service, designed to manage the speed of your business. We apply the principle of the just-in-time in every airfreight shipment we handle, ensuring our full support in each order, since the day we pick up until the time we deliver.

STEAMSHIP international airfreight services to and from the world’s high volume trade lanes, as well as some of the most remote locations in the world.

Our airfreight services include:

  • Door-to-Door services
  • Airport-to-Door services
  • Door-to-Airport services
  • Airport-to-Airport services
  • Hazardous or Restrictive goods
  • Refrigerated, frozen or perishable goods
  • Oversized and projects
  • Express service.

Road Freight

STEAMSHIP intermodal truck or rail services create efficiencies in your supply chain by providing more transportation options to your business. Our intermodal services also give you the most effective combination of rates, service, trailer sized, and mode all configured to meet your exact requirements.

Inland haulage is often required from our customers for the transport of containers, LTL and truck “on-demand”.

Here at STEAMSHIP, we offer full-personalized service, made to provide to our customers a global, efficient, reliable and competitive transportation solution to move their goods.

Our road freight services include:

  • Inland haulage services
  • Special project and oversize vehicles
  • Cranes and heavy machinery services
  • FTL (full truckload) and LTL (less than truckload) services
  • Nationwide Pick up and Distribution and dedicated transport services
  • Documentation (CMR)

Fowarding & Logistics Warehousing Distribution

STEAMSHIP offers multi-client dry cargo warehousing facilities for customers with both short- and long-term distribution requirements. Multi-client distribution facilities allow customers the flexibility to increase or decrease their space allotment according to their changing business or inventory requirements. By taking advantage of this flexible and scalable service, customers can reduce fixed costs by sharing labor and other operational expenses with other shared warehouse facility clients.

Delivering your shipment on time is our goal. We can guarantee the arrival of your products through our global network of distribution services.

Our warehousing and distribution services include:

  • Kit Assembly Services (packing; re-packing; labeling, palletizing, etc.)
  • Container Consolidation or Unloading with Distribution Services
  • Oversized Packing and Crating regardless of size or weight restrictions
  • Garment on Hanger (GOH)
  • Bounded and Unbounded Warehouse
  • Customized Reporting and Invoicing