Air Freight

Air cargo is a service we offer and that it requires to be handled with extreme care and with a very competitive transit time.

STEAMSHIP works with an integrated group of partners to support local, regional and national customers with a personalized airfreight service, designed to manage the speed of your business. We apply the principle of the just-in-time in every airfreight shipment we handle, ensuring our full support in each order, since the day we pick up until the time we deliver.

STEAMSHIP international airfreight services to and from the world’s high volume trade lanes, as well as some of the most remote locations in the world.

Our airfreight services include:

  • Door-to-Door services
  • Airport-to-Door services
  • Door-to-Airport services
  • Airport-to-Airport services
  • Hazardous or Restrictive goods
  • Refrigerated, frozen or perishable goods
  • Oversized and projects
  • Express service.